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Welcome to a New Chapter of Home Comfort and Style

Hi there! We’re PNW Kitchen & Bath, your neighbors here in Sammamish, WA dedicated to making your home remodeling dreams come true! Our team believes in creating spaces that reflect your unique personality and cater to your lifestyle needs, all while injecting a dash of elegance and practicality into every corner of your home. Let’s make your space somewhere you’re excited to show off and relax in.

Custom Kitchens: Where Memories are Cooked Up

Think of your kitchen not just as a place to prep your meals, but as the core of your home—a place brimming with laughter, love, and delicious aromas. Our custom kitchen designs focus on blending functionality with personal style. Whether it’s through sleek appliances, handcrafted cabinets, or stunning countertops, we’re here to craft a kitchen that’s as inviting as it is efficient.

Bathrooms: Your Personal Zen Zone

Imagine stepping into your bathroom and finding yourself in a soothing retreat, designed just for you. Our custom bathroom remodels in Sammamish turn this dream into reality. Whether you’re drawn to a spa-like vibe or a clean, contemporary look, we’ll create a space where you can unwind and rejuvenate, paying careful attention to every detail to ensure it feels just right.

Whole House Remodels and Additions: A Home That Grows With You

Thinking about giving your whole home a fresh vibe or maybe adding a bit more space? Our team has got you covered. We specialize in reimagining your living spaces and building thoughtful additions that not only look stunning but also enhance the way you live. We’re here to ensure every inch of your home reflects your taste and supports your day-to-day life.

Garage and Beyond: Expanding Your Home’s Horizons

Whether you’re looking to transform your garage into a vibrant new living area or thinking about constructing something entirely new, we’re full of ideas and ready to help. Our team in Sammamish excels in turning any space into something special—be it a cozy guest house, a sleek home office, or a creative studio. We promise precision and passion in every project we tackle.

Why Choose Us for Your Sammamish, WA Home Remodel Project?

  • Experience and Insight: Our years in the field mean we bring a wealth of knowledge and creativity to your project.
  • Craftsmanship You Can See: We’re all about the details. Quality work that stands the test of time is our hallmark.
  • Tailored To You: Your home, your rules. We adapt our services to fit your vision and needs perfectly.
  • Your Happiness, Our Priority: We’re not happy unless you are. We work with you closely to ensure your home project exceeds your expectations.

Let’s Create Something Amazing Together

Eager to start reimagining your space in Sammamish, Washington? Reach out to PNW Kitchen & Bath and let’s chat about turning your home into the perfect backdrop for your life. Your dream home is closer than you think.

Home Remodeling Sammamish 98029, 98074, 98075

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